Pride Calgary’s Origins Remembered

Over the past weekend, we had our community remembering session at CommunityWise (the Old Y) about the origins of Pride Calgary and that first pride rally in Central Memorial Park, organized by the Calgary Lesbian and Gay Political Action Guild (CLAGPAG) in 1990.  Hosted by the Calgary Gay History Project and the Royal Alberta Museum, we had a great time getting people into the same room who had not seen each other in years (decades…).


Stephen Lock, Nancy Miller & Richard Gregory: 1990 Pride Rally Organizers

We saw the CBC news footage of the rally, talked about the role of wearing the lone ranger masks and paper bags, and got a real sense of the times.  I learned, to my surprise, that the rally took place at the Boer War Memorial, and not on the steps of the library which I had previously thought.  This is a good example of how history can be mis-remembered and then propagated as fact.

Thank you Linda, Mathew, Joey, Nancy, Pam, Stephen and Richard for participating in a terrific session.  We look forward to developing this story further with our partner the Royal Alberta Museum!


Were you at the Calgary Pride Rally in 1990?

The Calgary Gay History Project is looking for individuals who were present in the first Pride Rally held in Central Memorial Park back in 1990.  This is the famous demonstration where some people wore lone ranger masks or paper bags over their heads.  Organized by the fledgling Calgary Lesbian and Gay Political Action Guild (CLAGPAG), this event was the seed of future Pride celebrations and its organization Pride Calgary.

Jane's Walk 1

Calgary Gay History Walk in Memorial Park

We will be hosting a community remembering session in partnership with the Royal Alberta Museum.  Museum curators will be in attendance in order to develop the context for our story in their new permanent exhibition for their museum currently being built in downtown Edmonton.

The meeting will be held from 10am – 2pm on Saturday, May 16th at CommunityWise, 223 12 ave SW.  Please contact us if you would like to attend – we would love it if you would!  Lunch will be provided.


Pop-Up Screening – Winter Kept Us Warm

Hello Calgary.  You are invited to a special 50th Anniversary Screening of Winter Kept Us Warm: Saturday, April 25th at 7 PM at CommunityWise (the Old Y).  Tickets are limited, as we will be in an intimate space, however the screen will be massive, using the latest projection technology courtesy of the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers.  Drinks and popcorn will be served!  Please join us.

Purchase your tickets online: $20 (includes a drink & popcorn): here.  Contact us at if you have any questions or would like more details.